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Healing In Hair Detangling and Dreadlock Removal Is a Strange Spectacle

Hair detangling is a process that most people go through irrespective of gender. So long as you keep hair and pack it together often then you are bound to get some of them in automatic locks and we do not know how. It is kind of how we cannot explain the earpiece tangling in our pockets. There are different creams, soaps, conditioners and methods for detangling hair; Google and YouTube have it all.

Also, Dreadlock hair has been around for a long time. Over the years people have come up with a number of ways to make and maintain them. It spans over different cultures of Africa, Mediterranean, Australia etc. but it is no doubt known that detangled hair may lead to dreads if kept for a long time. By a long time, I really mean a long, long time.

matted hair detangling

Removal of deadlocks and attempting to detangle severely matted hair to scalp is known to be possible by basically shaving off the whole hair. Like there is no other way to make that effective. Shaving off the entire hair allows the person start all over until recently when boundaries are being broken and a healing process is attached. It is indeed a strange observable but then again even the Bible according to Isa 28 vs 21 says ‘The Lord will rise up…..To do his work, his strange work, and perform his task, his alien task’ (NIV).

So detangling and dreadlock removal is indeed an alien task and here are some ways it can be done. You can get this done in a hair salon but if you want to, you can do it yourself at home. Get a wide-tooth pin comb for this and your job becomes a lot easier

very matted hair detangling

1. The Take Down Remover Cream Method: This technique is proven to remove dreadlocks from all hair textures and types. The loc removal procedure depends on factors such as; how long or thick the dreadlocks are, sisterlock type knots, or how many helping hands you have, etc. Like starting dreadlocks, patience will be your best friend in removing them, and your reward will be the head of lovely, loose hair you've spent so much time growing.It is important to note that if your dreads are permed, colored, relaxed or otherwise chemically treated, you may be prone to more breakage in this process. Use caution, go slow, be realistic in your expectations, and you'll be on your way to loose, free-flowing locks!

2. The DIY Method: Put some dreadlock remover in a cup and then just pick the one you are going to work on and soak it in there. Wait as long as it’s completely saturated and then take some more cream and lather it in the hair. After doing one, then go ahead and do the one next to too. You should start out with a metal rat-toothed comb, rat-tail tooth, whatever comb and you use the end of it and you put it in each dread and you pick and pick and pick and pick. Again, patience is very necessary.

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