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Thoughts Of Cutting Or Shaving Matted Hair Can Be A Nightmare!

If your hair is irreparably entangled, try a deep conditioner or a moisturizing oil before resigning yourself to a short hairstyle. After leaving these hair treatments in an hour, or even at night, your hair should be easy to untangle. Combining it can be tedious, but much less painful and more effective than combing without hair treatment. 

Some early medical descriptions of matted hair termed it as a disease of the head or body where hair agglutinated due to a nauseous discharge from the roots of the hair (Beach & Rines, 1904). Schuster (1968), referring to Lefevre, added that plica polonica was a malady changing healthy hair into a foul matted hair forming plaits or twisted strands, alternatively called polish plaits. Referring to Agnes (1952),

Detangling natural hair, whether it is curly, coily or kinky, is something that comes with the territory and can be really stressful. If you’re not careful and patient, you could end up doing more harm than good. Removing knots, tangles and sometimes matted hair doesn’t have to be a grueling or a tiresome process.  Tangled Hair Techs are the leaders in specialized hair restoration techniques as well as service providers and educators for detangling and removing severely matted tangled hair, braids, dreadlocks, hair weaves, hair extensions and twist.

Depression won’t be cured by a trip to the salon, but it can help on some level. Research has even found that paying some extra attention to your appearance—specifically in the form of applying makeup—can give women a boost of confidence. Always remember that “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD....Luke 1:37.  Only believe and Jesus will help your faith to be strengthened.

Choose a hair treatment-It’s worth trying the normal conditioner if you have not already done so, but if your hair is very matted, you may have to resort to another option. Deep conditioners are great for restoring moisture in your hair and making it easier to untangle, while detangling conditioners are specifically designed to add more slip to your hair. Instead, you can use coconut oil or olive oil and it can be especially useful for any textured hair. If you do not like the feeling of oil in your hair, you can try a spray to untangle the hair.


Take a handful of the Take Down remover detangler cream selected treatment or use up to two bunches if you have hair that grows beyond your shoulders. Apply the treatment to all parts of your hair, including the ends. Frost it in your section separately, or on all of  your scalp at the same time, to prevent your hair from getting tangled.

 Section your hair Use your sections in convenient sections If you have long hair, remove it in four or more sections. If you have shorter hair, use hair clips. Either way, treat your hair as gently as possible.

 Wash your hair-Wash one section at a time and cut or rotate it once it is finished. Smoothes your hair on your scalp Gently apply the shampoo or other washing treatment with a smoothing motion from the scalp

to the tip. Massage the scalp with the tips of your fingers, then wash it well with water. Tilt your head back

 Do not pull up-

 This will only cause more tangles and breaks. If your hair is very tangled when it is wet, feel free to take a shower.

 Being too rough or using a broken brush

The first thought you may have is to apply conditioner or detangling conditioners, mayonnaise for hair or other creamy conditioners.  Sometimes these solutions may or may not work depending on  some of your hair types.

With the Take Down Remover Detangler cream, we recommend section by section, saturate your hair with the cream it  has a lot of “slip”. It’s an oil based like cream conditioner with good sliding facilitates for the strands of your hair to slide over each other, practically getting rid of the tangles by themselves

Finished with a comb or wide brush– If your fingers can not do the job, use a pin tail comb, then move to a wide-tooth comb without seams or to a brush spaced out of rubber bristles (like a Denman brush). Start from the ends, combing  it yourself gradually from the high points as the hair unravels.

Depression is a tricky illness with many unintended side effects. It can make the simple act of getting out of bed and leaving the house difficult. Going through depression, most people forget to take care of themselves, and that includes their hair in particular. Having tangled matted hair is such a hindrance to work and life but worry no more because Tangled Hair Techs will get your horribly matted tangled hair professionally detangled!

Cutting or shaving the hair does not necessarily heal depression or matted tangled hair.  Sometimes cutting or shaving of matted tangled hair can cause depression because of the shock of losing all your hair at one chop-without any efforts being made to save the hair first. With the goal to SAVE your hair-not to CUT your hair, Tangled Hair Techs are working hard to save tangled or severely matted hair so you can preserve your God given beauty and self-esteem.

Many people don’t consider the health risks can come with matted hairs.  When wash day crosses most minds, they think of the smell of their favorite shampoo and catching up on our favorite shows while our hair is deep conditioning. Sometimes we overlook one of the most important parts of this task: detangling.

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