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Using The TD Take Down Remover Cream -Super Detangler

  Luke 1:37...All Things Are Possible With God

Are you struggling with very tangled, matted or damaged knots in hair?

This versatile detangler cream is the ultimate answer to many of the common styling issues.

If you were considering giving up or shaving off your matted tangled knotted hair, matted twists braids, tangled hair extensions or natural dreadlocks/ temporary locs-this cream can provide your hair with quality protection in order to prevent further damage.

The Take Down Remover Cream(TD Remover-Super Detangler) is a highly effective super hair detangler and hairstyle removing product which can ease the process of de-tangling all types and textures of hair.

Removing dreadlocks, fusion bond glue hair extensions and various braid sew-in weave hairstyles are just a few examples. Using this product can also help restore the elasticity of the hair and prevent problems such as hair loss or breakage due to extreme dryness of matted hair.

It is ideal to revitalise dry, tangled, knotted and matted hair which is difficult to comb through.

With this healing detangler, matted tangled knotty hair is resolved; and taking out matted clumps, dreadlocks, hair extensions or braids will no longer be a battle.

Thanks to its powerful formula your hair will become more moisturized and softer which makes combing out knots and clumps of tangled matted hair easier and painless while saving your time and effort.

Also, it helps remove excessive amounts of bonding glue or keratin fusion hair glue.

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Taha - 6/20/2018

Is it available in Ireland

Melina Nägel - 6/28/2017

Liebes Hairdetanglerschool-Team, Seit ca. 6 Monaten trage ich einen Filz in meinen Haaren. Durch Scham habe ich ihn die ganze Zeit in einem strengen Dutt versteckt... Durch dieses eindrehen haben sich alle Haare zu einen Filzball an der Kopfhaut gebildet, welcher sich wie eine Dread anfühlt. Seit zwei Tagen sind wir nun mit Öl und Spülungen dabei die Haare zu befreien doch gehts nur schleppend voran. Somit bin ich durch Verzweiflung auf ihre Seite gestoßen und flehe somit um Rat, damit ich meine sonst sehr langen Haare abschneiden muss:( Mit verzweifelten Grüßen Melina Nägel